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Slick 2d makes my java learning fun!

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After dabbling with some more java I got into gaming to motivate my learning experience. On my journey I discovered a library that make game development faster called Slick 2d. With this library I do not need to reinvent the wheel in terms of coding sound classes, video vector complicated stuff, along with particle effects and sprite handling. With slick 2d I was able to just focus on programming and create things much faster making my java experience more pleasant. Bellow are some mini games I created. Feel free to check them out.

Time to get started

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Been a while. But It’s time to get back in the game! What better way to start by continuing an an old project of mine called “teach or tutor”

Check out the site here: teach or tutor

About Teach or Tutor represents an investment in the future. It also marks a changing atmosphere in which intelligence and skills can be rewarded financially and taught and learned from anywhere in the world. Whether you need to know how to make a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich or build a rocket engine, there are people who will “teach or tutor” you here.
You can literally now learn things that would otherwise cost you tens of thousands of dollars worth of education or you could get that special cookie recipe that will be the reason you’re fiance marries you and your kids and grandkids call you the cookie lady. Either way the options are endless, there are even kids getting paid to teach people how to play games, download movies and burn dvd’s. It’s basically an information smorgasbord. The ebay of skills,

Easy Build Ecommerce for your Website Needs

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Often you are told one site or another has the best website building software for your needs. If you ask your friends, people who are already in business, and even a search engine you will get different answers each time. One of the best ways to find out is for yourself. Easy Build Ecommerce offers ecommerce solution software along with a list of services to help you get your company up and online fast and easy. It is designed specifically for ecommerce business where you sell your products and services online rather than through regular commerce. But is it the right solution for you? Let’s take a look at what they offer.

Services available from Easy Build

  • Build editor: you can custom create your website with this editor service using proper coding like HTML, CSS, and PHP. The editor is easy to play around with so you can create the web design you want.
  • Template Builder: sometimes building with code is not your expertise, but successful business is. If you lack the technology know how to create your own site from code then signing up for exclusive website access that comes with a template is a possibility. You simply add in pictures and product details to see your ecommerce business grow.
  • Management: store management is a part of the services package, which is customized to fit your business goals, products and services you sell. You can see the content as you want it through customization options and manage your stores appearance with ease.
  • The CMS or content management system allows you to track orders ensuring clients and any returns are completed correctly.
  • Customer Connection: widgets are supplied to ensure you connect with your clients via all the social media outlets you belong to. As soon as new content is uploaded on the page or you wish to publish news about your company you can select the right social media tool.
  • SEO: search engine optimization is a must. Easy Build supplies access to SEO tips, hints, and staff members. If you are having trouble with building traffic using SEO services is one way to improve your site.
  • Shopping Cart and Payment Systems: payments are often made based on what the client uses which means offering a variety of payment systems is imperative.
  • Domain name: when you sign up for a web design ecommerce package you also need more than hosting—you need a domain name which can be supplied through Easy Build.

Easy Build Ecommerce provides an array of technical support from building the site to generating better traffic.

Why Join Easy Build Ecommerce

If the list of services is not enough to convince you of the teams specialty in ecommerce web design services, consider that they are a small company with graphic artists, web designers, and certified programmers all working for you. Ruben and Pablo decided to start their business venture as a way to help small businesses succeed. Additionally, they wanted to provide you with an affordable website service that can be built to your specifications and requirements. All the tools required to launch your site with success are available through Easy Build Ecommerce.

Each year Easy Build Ecommerce focuses on making their services and products better to fit a range of client needs. It is a personal business that shows through in the packages, technical support, and details you can learn about the company. Customer service is not about handling calls for sales, but to make you feel a part of their family because you are when you use their web design package.

The fact that they offer high quality ecommerce web design coupled with a quick and easy system only makes it easier to join their team as you start setting up your business.

The Guarantee you will like It

One of the worst things about many similar web building design companies is that you can never test drive their system. You cannot tell if you will find it easy to use or if it will have what you want until you make a purchase. Even competitors selling domain and hosting coupled with web builder programs do not allow you to see how it all works free of charge.

Easy Build Ecommerce offers a free 15 day trial. There are no restrictions and you get to use all of the features they offer. You can explore, build a site, and test out customization options all without paying anything for the first 15 days.

If you decide it won’t work for you and your business concept you can move along. However, the fact that you do get to try it out, ask questions, and determine the pros and cons truly gives you a reason to think it will meet your needs.

Reviewing the Pricing

Prices are set up for per monthly charges for their plans for as low as 8 dollars per month. For $16 per month you can list 20 products, have unlimited pages, storage, and bandwidth. You can set up a coupon code, use SEO features, include a site search, attach a domain name, create a mobile site, use PayPal and credit card payment systems, and full HTML/CSS editor.

Plans increase in price with more options like $24 per month where you have unlimited product listings with advanced SEO features and search engine submission for your site to be indexed.

Easy Build Ecommerce is a web design solution for ecommerce businesses with products to sell. It is not for everyone specifically it is not designed to host information sites. However, it is easy to use, with access to a team of designers and SEO professionals who know what your site needs.