Slick 2d makes my java learning fun!

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After dabbling with some more java I got into gaming to motivate my learning experience. On my journey I discovered a library that make game development faster called Slick 2d. With this library I do not need to reinvent the wheel in terms of coding sound classes, video vector complicated stuff, along with particle effects and sprite handling. With slick 2d I was able to just focus on programming and create things much faster making my java experience more pleasant. Bellow are some mini games I created. Feel free to check them out.

Trying to learn JAVA but don’t know how to start?

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If your trying to learn Java and don’t know where to start, I’d recommend taking my route.  Bellow are the steps I took to jump into Basic Java.

First Learn Swing. With swing you can actually see your coding by jumping in to Java’s GUI. In the video Below Lazie B. gets right to the point when using JAVA’s GUI.

Second create something fun (Tennis Game)!minitennis

Major Progress

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I got to say working on projects is really the key to programming.

After writing so much procedural coding I decided to take it
to the other level and work on object oriented programming.

I got to admit my programming has gotten 90% cleaner and easier to understand, not to mention once I write code in functions it can be shared throughout my other projects.

As soon as I learn the in’s and outs of OOP things will get more efficiently from now on.

At the same time I’ve been learning Java and playing around with swing for GUI. It’s all about taking those baby steps.procedural-many-changes

Want to learn JQuery?

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Been learning Jquery all last month. For those we want to learn JQuery my best advise is to not copy and paste coding. When looking at tutorials try typing things and seeing it work, I’m sure you will still run into problems, but that’s okay! Debugging makes you think! And Thinking makes you learn what your doing.

Here Are 2 play list videos that will steer you to the right path: